Welcome to dune's Infiniti QX4 2002 project!
    name asc size description
Carputer 11 items Images and work directly related to the computer installation & configuration.
Other 38 items The other stuff... mostly here to help me put the damn thing back together!
Sound System 5 items Images of the new Infinity sound system installation (4 channel+tweeters & 10" subwoofer).
Soundproofing 4 items Images of the B-Quiet Ultimate and Vcomp installation.
download DSCN3449.jpg  168.9 KB The front, all washed and waxed!
download DSCN3450.jpg  194.2 KB The back, panels already starting to fly around.
download DSCN3454.jpg  219.5 KB The dash partially disassembled.
download DSCN3551.jpg  242.2 KB A not-so-quick sanity check -- PASSED!!!

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